Markham/Marshall Theater Group

Community Theater for Northern Fauquier County, VA and surrounding areas.
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A Community Theater in Orchard Country

Northern Fauquier County, Virginia is a beautiful place to live, filled with charming villages, orchards, vineyards, stables and farms. The people living here have  many interests, including the desire to have a working community theater of their own. There are some fine stage groups around, but maybe a bit too far away to include the participation by some of our youngest drama enthusiasts. The Markham/Marshall Theater Group is a project designed to develop a community theater especially for people in the northern Fauquier area.

We began this project in 2010 with a summer theater workshop for students aged 9-13. Since then we've held workshops every summer for young people interested in learning basic stage acting and for more experienced older students who wish to develop their acting skills through the art of improvisation.

We also produced several plays a year. Actors auditioned for each show, and participation in each was free of charge. Parental and community help was always encouraged.

Our goal was to maintain a working community theater for all ages where we could produce live plays for and by the community at admission prices that are low enough for families to afford. Theater is a great experience for the audience as well as those onstage and behind the scenes. We tried to provide those who are new to theater with the opportunity to get to know what it's all about. We produced several shows a year so that young and old can see what live theater is like. 

Unfortunately, theater requires a lot of help, money and storage space. We were not able to get the necessary help we needed from the community or county government in time to save us, so we have put the project on the shelf indefinitely. We hope that someone will pick up the cause and give this community another chance to have it's own live theater for children. We will talk with whomever may want to try this and do what we can to help.

If you are interested in contacting us please write to Bess Taylor.